Let us help you with any HOLOFIT related issues you might have.

Please follow these 1-2-3 steps:

  1. Check that your HOLOFIT account is valid and that you have an active HOLOFIT subscription,
  2. Check that you have a working internet connection,
  3. Make sure that your HOLOFIT and your Fitness machine are connected via Bluetooth.

If you did not manage to fix the issue, please contact our support.

For HOLOFIT Return and Repair Policy, click here.


Here are some things that you should check: 

  • Please make sure that no other USB device is connected to your computer.
  • Please make sure that you have enough space on your headset. 
  • If any pop-up disabling window is turned on on your PC, switch it off. 
  • For Oculus Quest, please make sure that you have SideQuest installed. 
  • For Vive Focus, please have your Viveport account ready. 
  • For PC-based VR headsets, please make sure that you have Steam and Steam VR installed.

Depending on your internet connection speed, your HOLOFIT installation might take some time. HOLOFIT software is around 1.5GB “heavy”, give it some time. 


Please follow the following instructions: User guide

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your fitness machine. Activate the Bluetooth settings on your fitness machine monitor. 

Please make sure that there is no other active Bluetooth device in the near vicinity as it might be trying to connect to HOLOFIT at the same time. 

Make sure that your fitness machine monitor is working correctly (check the batteries, whether any software updates are available, etc). 

If you have a bike or elliptical, you can add our cadence sensor to it to enable Bluetooth connectivity. 

The cadence sensor does not work with rowing machines. 

The cadence sensor does not work with PC-based VR headsets. 

You can use either a USB or C-Safe cable.

Please check the back of your fitness machine monitor to see which output is available. 

USB works on Concept 2 PM5 rowing and bike ergs and S4 WaterRowers. 

No, the PC-based HOLOFIT Pro doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

If the cadence sensor is not working on your Quest, you may have forbidden HOLOFIT from accessing your location data. 

However, access to Location data is needed for any Bluetooth connection. 

To give HOLOFIT permission to access your location data, navigate to your app library, select the “More options” menu (three dots icon), and then select “Permissions”. Select Location and allow HOLOFIT to access it. 

Restart the HOLOFIT app, and your sensors should work as intended. 

Quest Location permissionQuest Location permission


There are two things you can do: 

  • During the initial calibration (3-2-1), make sure that you are sitting/standing on your fitness machine and looking straight ahead. 
  • While in HOLOFIT, simply look down at your knees and you will see a small cross icon appear. Look at it for 3 seconds and you’ll be re-centered. 

Yes! Simply look down at your knees and you will see a small cross icon. Look at it for 3 seconds and you’ll be re-centered. 


Please refer to the following instructions: Companion App instructions.

Other members of your family can use HOLOFIT by downloading the phone app, creating an account and then logging in whenever they want to do a session. They first need to Log out of your account and then log in regularly. For Login instructions, refer to these instructions: Companion App instructions. 


Here are some things you should check: 

  • If you haven’t registered your headset on your MyHOLOFIT dashboard, write down the 5-digit number you see in your headset, and type it in under the “Register” section on MyHOLOFIT. 
  • Please, make sure that your headset is connected to your WiFi. HOLOFIT needs to verify your license. 
  • Check whether your subscription is still active and your latest subscription payment has gone through by logging into your MyHOLOFIT account. 

If you’re using HOLOFIT on a standalone headset, check that your Bluetooth connection to your fitness machine is still active. 

If you’re using HOLOFIT on a PC-based headset, reach out to support (at) holodia (dot) com and tell us what fitness machine you are using. 


Let us help you with any HOLOFIT related issues you might have.

Please follow these 1-2-3 steps:

  1. Check that HOLOFIT is connected properly and that none of the cables, including electricity, internet or headset cables are disconnected,
  2. Check that you have a working internet connection,
  3. Go through our troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

If you did not manage to fix the issue, please contact our support.

For HOLOFIT Return and Repair Policy, click here.


Note the issue, the scene you are in (the menu or an environment), the last thing you did before you encounter a problem, then restart the computer. If it happens again and none of the FAQ points fit your issue, contact Holodia.

When the Holobox engages a restart of the system, it means that an unrecoverable issue happened. The system will restart 4 times before concluding that restarting doesn’t help.
Unrecoverable issues are the following:

  • – The VR headset is unreachable. (go to N°4)
  • – The fitness machine is unreachable. (go to N°5)
  • – The software won’t respond. (go to N°6)

This message means the system already tried to restart more than 4 times but the issue is still there. Please contact Holodia.

The simplest way to know if the headset is the problem is to look at the Steam VR window. If everything is OK, the headset logo should be displayed in green (up and running), fading in and out green (properly connected but not reachable by the trackers, try to put the tracker in the sight of the two trackers) or outlined green (asleep, shake a little bit to awake it).

If the headset logo is displayed in grey, the headset is not properly connected to the PC or not powered. Verify all the cables between the PC and the headset and that everything is plugged correctly and not damaged. Then verify that the LED on the left side of the headset is ON. If not, the headset or the power cables/plugs might be damaged; the only way to know is to switch cables/headset and check.

If the LED is RED, the connection with the PC is broken somehow; it might be the cables (HDMI): switch cables with another setup and see if that solves the problem.

If the LED is GREEN or WHITE, everything should be OK. If you still don’t see anything in the headset (plain black lens), the headset might be damaged.

If the fitness machine is unreachable, you should see a message at the bottom left of the screen switching from “Device is state CONNECTING” to “Device is state LOST”. It means the system is continually trying to connect to the fitness device but fails.

First, look at the fitness machine monitor/console and ensure it’s working properly by rowing/bicycling a few times.

Next, verify the USB cable between the computer and the monitor/console. If it’s already plugged correctly and not damaged, try another USB port on the computer (front USB might not be functional, try another port on the back).

If it doesn’t help, switch with another USB cable and retry a few ports.

If none of those helped, the Sportbox configuration might be broken (waiting for the wrong fitness device) or the fitness device might be damaged. Please contact Holodia.

If you see that the software is losing performance over time or completely freeze, it could be a hardware issue. Ensure that the Holobox is not too hot and not placed on a carpet. Contact Holodia.

This means the VR system can’t figure out your position. Note that anything occluding the view of the trackers will induce this kind of issue.

Shake the headset in the sight of the tracker(s) for 5 seconds.

If nothing happens, ensure that the trackers are properly powered and configured.

If you’re using only one tracker, it must be set on the channel “A” (displayed in front, changed by pressing the button on the back of the tracker while powered). If you’re using two trackers, one must be set on the channel “B”, the other on the channel “C”.

If the avatar is not moving: check if the system is configured for the right workout device. Do this through My Dashboard menu: if you have changed workout devices you will have to update the configuration and restart the application

Some devices don’t have the CSAFE output enabled by default. This needs to be enabled in the admin interface of the device (check device console for instructions).

If the avatar is moving too fast: Ensure no workout is currently configured on the fitness machine monitor/console (nor any mini-games or anything, push the menu button to be sure).

Row/bicycle a few times and see if anything happens on the monitor/console. If nothing happens, the connection between the fitness machine and its monitor/console is broken. Check the jack cable, unplug it and plug it again, row again to see if the situation changed. If the monitor/console still doesn’t react, either the jack cable is damaged or the monitor/console. Get in touch with fitness machine producer about this issue.

Restart both computers.

If it’s still happening, ensure the Ethernet cables are plugged properly (verify that there is an internet connection) and that the two machines are seeing each other on the network (ask your system administrator to do this or contact Holodia).

You might accidentally have calibrated while looking backward (happens sometimes when the headset is laying horizontally on the floor. The menu might be behind you). Ask the system to recalibrate by looking down, vertically, for at least 3 seconds. If it doesn’t help, restart the computer.

You didn’t process the calibration step properly (at the very beginning, the step asking you to stand still and look to the horizon). Ask the system to recalibrate by looking down, vertically, for at least 3 seconds. If it doesn’t help, restart the computer.

You can redo this by placing down the headset, wait for the inactivity video to start and then pick it back up.

You can also just press “space” on the computer keyboard (if available).

You can also follow Room calibration procedure described in point

Check the connection between the audio headset and the VR headset. If everything is plugged correctly but there is still no sound, try with another audio headset. If there is still no sound, it might be a sound configuration problem, call Holodia at this point.

To close Sportbox please follow these steps:

  1. Press the key to see the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Close the launched applications from left to right, Sportbox must be closed last! It can take a while (half a minute) to process the application closure.

If you need to re-calibrate the headset, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Click on Steam VR fall-down menu
  2. Open Settings
  3. Go to Developer tab
  4. Scroll down to Room and tracking, select Large space
  5. Click on Quick calibrate

If necessary, restart the PC.